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Covid-19 FAQ

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Eagle's Landing was successfully Covid-FREE last year! Come join us for a safe summer!

Camp will look different this summer.

The health and safety of our camp community continues to be our highest priority. We are monitoring guidance from the Centers for Disease Contol, the American Camp Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the NJ Department of Health to shape our Summer program.

As summer approaches, Ruth Ann, Hanna, Shira, and I are continue to work to create a safe, positive, and fun summer experience so we can open our doors in June. As camp professionals, we believe that there are many benefits to camp. Outside of the joy it brings, it’s good for mental health by allowing kids to socialize, to play, and to grow independently of their parents, especially after being cooped up inside for so long. It’s also good for both families and the economy by letting more parents return to work.

To us, the benefits of camp outweigh the risks. However, it’s important to understand that it’s impossible to reduce the risk to zero. Our goal is to reduce the risk of infection where it is low enough that the benefits outweigh the harms. We understand that some kids have health conditions that will have their parents hesitate. Others live with adults who do, and the same concerns will apply. Each family will have to decide if they are comfortable sending their children to camp this summer. If you are uncomfortable with our guidelines and would like to cancel for this summer, please let us know now so that we can fill your spot from our waiting list and give another child this special opportunity. As a reminder, our 100% refund policy extends through June 1.

Stay outdoors as much as possible
Studies show outdoor activities are much less likely to result in virus transmission than indoor activities. This means that we will spend as much time as possible outdoors.

Clean and disinfect facilities regularly
Here are a few of our policies that we are implementing for this summer:
- Hand sanitizer stations are located around camp.
- Disinfecting wipes will be used to disinfect equipment between groups.
- Maintenance and cleaning crews will be constantly wiping high touch areas like door knobs and sinks.
- We will “fog” the property and playgrounds every night for additional safety. Our electrostatic foggers use CDC and EPA approved disinfectants.
- Our common bathrooms use touchless toilets, faucets, and hand dryers.
- No visiting during camp hours or while campers are present.

Lunch and snacks
- Everyone will sanitize their hands before entering the lunch tent.
- Lunch tables will be deep cleaned and sanitized between groups.
- Campers will sit by group, spaced 6 feet from any other group.
- Food Service Staff will serve food to campers and staff from the salad bar.

The CDC has confirmed that Covid-19 is not spread in pool water.
- Campers will not be allowed to wear masks while in the pool.
- To reduce time spent indoors, campers in 1st grade and older may opt not to change out of their bathing suits after swim. Kiddie Kingdom will have additional staff to help our youngest campers change more quickly.
- All sunscreen will be applied outside the bunks. We ask that you send spray sunscreen for our staff to apply when possible.
- We will continue to offer one-on-one private swim lessons after camp.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow parents to watch the lessons since no visitors will be allowed on the property. If you are interested in a private swim lesson please email us at SwimLessons@EaglesLandingDayCamp.com.

Out-of-camp Trips
- We’ve arranged for outdoor, open space trips for our campers whenever possible. Grades 5 and 6 will be travelling on Tuesdays while grades 57and 8 will be travelling on Thursdays.
- If you prefer to not send your child on a trip, we completely understand. Please keep your child home on the trip day since there will be no accommodation for them at camp.

What happens if travel/vacation during the summer?
- As of now, there are no restrictions for domestic and most international travel.
- NJ Travel Restrictions site: www.covid19.nj.gov/faqs

Eagle's Landing Camp Store
- We have a new camp store this year! Please click here. and place your order online. Your purchase will be delivered directly to your home. Eagle's Landing Staff must add the word STAFF on the back.

Wellness Center
- We have 3 Registered Nurses in our Wellness Center to help keep everyone healthy and happy.

Will we be informed if a camper or staff member tests positive Covid-19?
Our goal is to keep our ELDC family as informed as possible while remaining in compliance with various privacy laws. While those privacy laws prohibit us from providing detailed information about any specific individual(s), we intend to share generalized communications about any confirmed cases of Covid-19 among our staff or campers.

If a camper is absent for 5 or more consecutive days during the camp season due to an illness, they will receive a medical credit of 1 free week in 2024.

We are changing our transportation options to create more opportunities for parents to drive to camp as an alternative to using our buses. Please read the options below and send us an email immediately if you would like to change your current choice.
- Please be mindful of your arrival time for pickup and drop-off so as to reduce arrivals and traffic through the Main Office. Please call the camp office for assistance at 732-821-9155 when you arrive.

Buses and Vans
- There will be a driver and Bus Counselor on each bus this summer to ensure safety.
- All vehicles will be fogged every morning when they arrive and again every evening.
- Our busses will depart camp at 4:05 pm.

Parent Transportation (PT)
- Parents may drop off at camp from 8:15-8:45 am and pick up in the afternoon between 4:15-4:45 pm. We are hopeful that more families take advantage of our extended hours in an effort to reduce the number of campers on our buses and in our Extended Day (ED) program.
- Parents are asked to remain in their car. Our staff will assist your children out of your car and assist them into your car in the afternoon.
- There is no charge for Parent Transportation (PT).

Before and After Care (ED)
This summer, our staff will meet campers at the tent in the front parking lot. The ED staff will also call for your child in the afternoon. We are limiting the number of people who enter our office to reduce to risk of spreading germs.
- The hours for Before Care and After Care (ED) are 7-8:30 am and 4:20-6 pm.

What happens outside of camp is just as important as what happens within it
In past years, how people spend their evenings and weekends really wouldn’t matter. Now it does. Counselors and staff will need to be rigorously safe during their off-hours so that they don’t bring danger in. Everyone will be in this together, so everyone will need to be able to trust one another’s actions outside to feel safe inside.

If parents can't visit, how can we stay involved in our child’s camp experience?
Eagle's Landing is using the Campanion app for your phone that will allow parents to view pictures of their campers and stay up to date with all things ELDC. In addition to Instagram-like photo streams and posts, our Campanion app includes facial recognition software to "push" camp photos of your kids directly to your phone! Details on where to download this app can be found in your Enrollment confirmation Email, or it can be found by searching for it in and App Store.

If you have any questions at all, please call the camp office at 732-821-9155. This summer is unique and we all understand that it will be different. Some of you may not be comfortable sending your child to camp. We get it. This is not for everyone. If you are uncomfortable and prefer your children not attend camp this summer, that's ok. All we ask is that you let us know as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you and camp will be here before you know it!