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Staff Positions

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Counselors are the "big brothers and sisters" of their campers. Each group of children has one or two counselors and junior counselors as well as the Division Leader. Much of the camper’s summer success lies within the relationship with their counselors. For most campers, great counselors = great summer! Counselors assist specialists during elective activities, and provide motivation and emotional support to the campers throughout the day. You can also earn extra money by being a bus counselor or working during our extended hours program. Junior Counselors are entering 11th grade and Senior Counselors are entering 12th grade or are college students.

Creative Specialist

Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Woodworking, Sports, Jewelry Making, Leather Works, Music, Dance, Drama, Science, Nature, Camping, Tennis, Magic, Poetry, Newspaper, Juggling, Cooking, Mad Science, Rocketry and many more. Specialists lead the groups of children with the assistance of the Counselors and Division Leaders. Creative Specialists are usually teachers with experience teaching children.

Lifeguard/WSI Swim Instructor

All pool staff must have current Lifeguard and CPR Certification. We may even pay for your course! Call the camp office for more details at 732-821-9155.

Assistant Director/Office Staff/Nurses
Kitchen Staff/CDL Drivers/Maintenance

Behind the scenes support staff are just as important as those working directly with the campers. A number of positions are available. Call the camp office for more details at 732-821-9155.

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